Creating The ‘Everwise Effect’

Everwise Entertainment is a multi-media production company that specializes in delivering an authentic, contemporary voice to every project – documentaries, entertainment programming and corporate videos. Founded by an award-winning team of content producers, Everwise leverages talents honed over four decades of broadcast experience to infuse productions with the standards of great storytelling, while always staying true to the objectives of a project.

Our overarching goal is to “Be Always True.” We accomplish this by combining traditional storytelling expertise with a fresh, contemporary approach to create engaging multi-media productions for a variety of entertainment and corporate audiences. Everwise utilizes a proven process to gather pertinent information and qualify the key components required to tell any story. We then identify the sounds, visuals, language and emotions that will craft a compelling narrative to produce an engaging, uplifting, inspiring or educational result.

Everwise Entertainment. Be Always True.