Dan Gillett: Vice President of Production

danWith nearly 20 years of experience as a broadcast photojournalist across the United States, Dan Gillett has gathered the video and sound for thousands of stories on hundreds of topics. His talents as a visual storyteller were crafted from years of working behind the camera (to capture the pitch-perfect images needed to convey a story) as well as in the editing booth (to refine the imagery and sounds that provide emotional resonance). Dan brings these skills to Everwise Entertainment as Director of Media Production, a role that combines the technical skill of videography with the artistic ability of storytelling.

Dan began his career at KJCT-TV in Grand Junction, Colorado, where his talent quickly elevated him to the role of photojournalist and editor. Soon he was generating story ideas of his own, coordinating live shots and developing his eye for telling compelling stories in interesting ways. The next 15 years found Dan honing his skills in markets as diverse as Southern Florida and San Francisco – and many points in between. Through it all, he covered and documented stories surrounding national politics professional sports and international celebrities.

As Director of Media Production at Everwise, Dan works alongside Natalie Tysdal and the Everwise creative team to infuse energy into traditionally routine corporate work, as well as to create and pitch engaging entertainment productions and skillfully develop documentaries on intriguing topics. In his time away from Everwise, Dan enjoys still photography, golf, movies and spending time with his wife and young son.